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About Tashina & The Tomb of Claudia:


Hey y’all! I’m Tashina. I was married to a fundamentalist Eastern Orthodox priest, but I left the church, took off my skirt & head covering. In the Orthodox tradition, it is customary to choose a Saint’s name during Chrismation, so I was renamed Matushka Claudia. Matushka is a Russian title for a priest’s wife, and Claudia was the first pagan convert to Christianity. According to the Bible, Claudia was the wife of Pontus Pilate, and had dreams and visions that Christ was more than he seemed. She tried to warn her husband that she was having visions, but her husband didn’t listen to her and allowed Jesus to be crucified anyway. Choosing the name Claudia was my snarky way of arguing that Christians should listen to witches more often. I believe that even more now.

After buying a pair of jeans and some mascara, I spent several years dissecting the path that I was on and why. I met several women with similar stories and struggles. Just as Pilate did with Saint Claudia, Western Culture has disregarded the power of women. They ignore us, silence us, and mock us. But, women are powerful and knowledgeable.

We create and sustain life. We are healers. We are visionaries. We are empaths. We are intuitive. We are witches.

What is a witch?

When I ask people, they describe her as an old crone in the woods.
The puritans who were persecuted in Salem.
A woman with a lot of cats who never married and lives at the end of the street.
A Voodoo priestess in New Orleans.
A wise woman who grows herbs and offers the town people alternative medicine.
The evil hag who lures children with candy and eats them.
The seductress and enchantress.
The midwife who delivers babies at home.
A fortune teller with three nipples or no eyes or eyes on her hands.
A woman at odds with patriarchy.
A woman with green skin and flying monkeys.
A woman.

The truth is, women do not decide to become witches or to practice witchcraft. It is natural. We simply ARE witches. A witch is a woman who is in tune with her power and creative force. We need to remember and reclaim our power. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. They might laugh and they might even persecute us. But they can never snuff us out, because this power is in every single woman and girl. 

Welcome to my eclectic lifestyle and spirituality blog! I created this blog to chronicle my journey to becoming independent and empowered, as a catalyst to fulfilling my dreams, and to teach others that they can manifest the future they desire.

My goal is to see people living every moment to their fullest potential.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau

The Tomb of Claudia is separated into a few of the witchy women stereotypes.

Priestess is the wisdom of herbs and crystals and the knowledge of the sky.
Homemaker represents the hearth, cooking, and raising babies.
Seductress is the unleashed sexuality of women and the criticisms we face for it.
Hag is the opinions of women, politics, and the powerful ideas we have.

My various projects have been featured on:

Huffington Post
Daily Mail
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the Libertarian Republic
and countless other tv shows, radio shows, podcasts, blogs and vlogs.

Over the years, I have started or participated in many projects and businesses, including a coffee shop and venue, multiple successful etsy and eBay shops, a secondhand thrift store, a church and bible study, a food distribution and women and children’s shelter, a successful crowd funding campaign, publishing a book and ebook, a community garden, designing a 3 bedroom tiny house on wheels, money-making blogs & vlogs, thriving social media campaigns, and a media company.