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The Witch Hunt of Michelle Wolf

The Witch Hunt of Michelle Wolf

I just watched Michelle Wolf’s comedy routine for the White House Correspondence Dinner. Just like every year, there are times I cringed and times I laughed. Jokes that went well, and those that fell flat. The only noticeable difference from any other year was the president’s protesting absence and that it was a woman speaking.

The comedic roast during the Correspondence Dinner is almost a century long tradition, but because one woman made jokes about women’s issues, news agencies are threatening to permanently pull their support if it continues next year. That seems absurd and reactionary, but here we are.

For a country that has come so far on women’s issues, we have no shortage of current witch hunts.

Michelle Wolf has been fired and falsely accused of beastiality. Yes, really.

Being fired and accused of beastiality sounds terrifyingly familiar to the middle ages, but since the internet mob can’t get away with physically burning witches at the stake, the goal is to see them starve from job loss or bully them into suicide.

I ended up going down a rabbit trail and watching a documentary by female comedian Bonnie McFarlane called Women Aren’t Funny. Apparently, women aren’t supposed to make jokes because we all know that good women should be dainty and not cuss or say crude things.

Once again, we are seeing a man who can’t handle a powerful woman offering criticism, and somehow villainizing her. While sad, this isn’t surprising. This isn’t the first time a woman was taken down to save a man’s ego. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Witch hunts have historically been used to keep women in line, and this is no different.

The biggest difference this time is they’re using an event that celebrates our First Amendment rights to Free Speech and Free Press to strip a woman of hers.

I was told that the entire platform of the Trump administration was to end PC culture. It seems clear that was only intended for white men. It’s time for women to band together in solidarity to protect women like Wolf, because who knows which one of us in next. Women make up 51% of the US population. We can defeat the mob if we’re willing to band together and stand up for our own Constitutional Rights while standing up for every woman, whether we agree with what she said or not.