A Menagerie of the Rare & Absurd

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Weekly Witchy Wares – 2/2/18 – Saint Valentine’s Day

Weekly Witchy Wares – 2/2/18 – Saint Valentine’s Day

Buying gifts for a witchy woman? Every week share our favorite witchy clothes, health products, jewelry and books. Share a little magic with the goddess in your life or treat yourself, you deserve it!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, we curated a list of rose quartz, rose scents, candles, teas and all sorts of love goodies. For your Valentine’s books & Tarot list: click here. For a list of kids’ Valentines ideas: click here.

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This gorgeous leather heart journal:

Rose essenial oil:

Rose quartz jewelry:

This trio of earrings has rose quartz, amethyst, and quartz:


Organic Rosebud tea:

A beeswax Pinot Noir scented cande:

Or a soy rose candle in a jar that looks like a crystal:

The Lovers Tarot card print:

Heart shaped rose quartz:

Or raw rose quartz:

Cute little doily heart lights:

Of course candies:

Kitty love:

And this phenomenal rose quartz tree: