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Ridiculously easy King Cake recipe for Mardi Gras

Ridiculously easy King Cake recipe for Mardi Gras

We live on the Gulf Coast and today is Luna Gras, which is basically just the day before Fat Tuesday. Last night, while in a rush, I went and bought a cheap store bought King Cake. This morning, my oldest daughter came in and screamed at me that it contains peanuts. One of our family members has a life threatening allergy, and my daughter scolded me for my irresponsibility. I showed her that the label said, “contains: milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts.” She turned the box over and showed me another list that said, “contains: milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts.” Well, obviously I couldn’t risk it, so we tried to find another king cake at multiple stores… but everywhere was sold out since it’s the second to last day of Carnival. At this point, everyone in the house had been talking about it all day and looking forward to it, so I decided to just fake it. A king cake is basically a glorified cinnamon bun anyway, so I made it out of cinnamon buns! Honestly, it’s probably the best one we’ve ever had and it only took about 25 minutes! I’ll never buy one again.



2 cans of cinnamon buns with frosting


green, purple, and gold sugar


butter or cooking spray


a bundt pan


plastic baby




Preheat the oven according to the cinnamon bun instructions. 350 seems to be the most common temperature.


Either melt butter into the bundt pan and swirl it around, or spray it with cooking spray.


Open both cans of cinnamon buns and place them inside the pan, squished together a bit.

Cook for the recommended time.


Let cool for two minutes, but while still warm, drizzle the frosting on top and add stripes of colored sugar.

Enjoy your ridiculously easy King Cake!


Happy Mardi Gras! Laissez les bons temps rouler!