A Menagerie of the Rare & Absurd

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Weekly Witchy Wares – 12/22/17 – NYE Parties

Weekly Witchy Wares – 12/22/17 – NYE Parties

Buying gifts for a witchy woman? Here are some ideas of awesome gifts for your coven, your lady friend, or yourself for a NYE party or just because she’s awesome and deserves it.

This weeks list is inspired by sparkles and little black dresses.

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This black backless gown

This witchy dress is so gorgeous:

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out, or you’re staying in to relax:

These glittery bath bombs with rings inside:

Magic in the Air lotion with Shea Butter:

This gorgeous glittery makeup. I have three colors and I love them all for special occasions:

And because this post is inspired by glitter and NYE, this Apple Watch ban


This star necklace:

Moon earrings:

and if you’re feeling extra witchy, a cloak to see you warm: