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Welcome to the Tomb of Claudia

What is a witch?

When I ask people, they describe her as an old crone in the woods.
The puritans who were persecuted in Salem.
A woman with a lot of cats who never married and lives at the end of the street.
A Voodoo priestess in New Orleans.
A wise woman who grows herbs and offers the town people alternative medicine.
The evil hag who lures children with candy and eats them.
The seductress and enchantress.
The midwife who delivers babies at home.
A fortune teller with three nipples or no eyes or eyes on her hands.
A woman at odds with patriarchy.
A woman with green skin and flying monkeys.
A woman.

The truth is, women do not decide to become witches or to practice witchcraft. It is natural. We simply ARE witches. A witch is a woman who is in tune with her power and creative force. We need to remember and reclaim our power. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. They might laugh and they might even persecute us. But they can never snuff us out, because this power is in every single woman and girl.

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